Halal Training Program


Halal Lead Auditor Training Services

HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points), where the potential hazards will be: non-Halal processing steps, or the Haram, or Suspected, or Makroh, or non-Tayyeb (pure) ingredients in the preparation of Halal products or services. In this intensive training course, we will base our work on the requirements and essentials of the international food safety system.

5F – Halal

Islamic Supervision Methodology for Halal Products This training will explain the 5F-Halal Islamic Supervision Methodology that when observed and followed thoroughly will provide 100% pure Halal products.

The value of having a sound strong Halal Supervision Methodology is to ensure purity of Halal in products in a time where doubts in Halal products are prevalent.

Halal Traceability Scheme

A New Challenge in Halal Food Production

Manufacturers do not know how to evaluate, inspect and monitor the Halal being of Halal products and production processes in the complete production chain.

Halal Auditors Training Courses

In Controlling Critical Control Points in the Halal industry and its Services:


  1. Islamic Supervision Methodology for Halal Products
  2. Halal Analyses & Critical Control Points in the Halal Industry and its Services (Introduction & Application)
  3. Halal Critical Control Points in Flavoring and other Additives of Plant and Insect source materials.
  4. Halal Critical Control Points for Drugs, Vitamins and Cosmetics Products
  5. Halal Critical Control Points of Animal Source Materials.
  6. Halal Assurance System (HAS) For Food Service Organization and Food Manufacturers.

Working towards Halal and Islamic Food in the Philippines